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    Institutional Investors:

    ETFQuest provides ultrafast low latency price aggregation and disseminations within company and acrross trading desks. ETFQuest's pre-filled basket trading screens, fully customizable, and with three clicks fires trade with double confirmations.

    Institutional investors could discover arbitraging opportunities in ETFs. ETF issuers could reduce gaps between NAVs and market price using ETFQuest prices. Issuer keeps ETF prices in line with their correlating indexes and the equities in the fund. ETF assets and related indexes are indicators of an ETF’s performance and should move in unison.

    Retail Investors:

    Retail investor could use ETFQuest website to discover ETF investment opportunities using easy to use technical indicators and custom criterias.An investor needs to change his (her) investments as market condition changes. ETFQuest suggests investment choices as market condition changes.

    ETFQuest provides systematic disciplined method of investing that can be customized to your financial needs, risk tolerance and investment horizons. ETFQuest shows you in a simple way which ETFs are out-performing general market and you will be in control of investing your hard-earned money.

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